The Viren Adventurer's Guild is a relatively small adventuring guild found in Viren. It is believed to be somewhat smaller than the Haven Cross Adventurer's Guild, and their relationship - if any - is unknown.

Location Edit

Viren Adventurer's Guild is located in the market square of Viren.

About Edit

Viren Adventurer's Guild has a small reception area with a lot of back rooms. It is a far more bureaucratic version of the Haven Cross Adventurer's Guild. If something needs to be done here, it will take far longer than it should.

The guild uses a group of runners to quickly traverse the alleys of Viren and deliver messages.

Though the Viren Adventurer's Guild is not directly connected to Haven Cross Adventurer's Guild, they appear to have some sort of working relationship, with jobs involving Viren often including dropping off paperwork at its' guild.

People Edit

The receptionist of the guild is pompous and hard to deal with. He takes his job very seriously, especially when paperwork is involved.

Numerous 'boys' work for the guild, acting as messengers and runners around Viren.

History Edit

Viren Adventurer's Guild first appeared when the party continued Donny Clearletter's job into Viren, facilitating the military supplies being transported to Haven Cross.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Claire has a particular dislike of Viren Adventurer's Guild and refuses to even enter it.
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