The Unnamed Mainland is a mysterious continent that little is currently known about. The majority of characters in The Party, including Cailynn, Claire, Dain, and Penny all seem to come from regions on said mainland. Asimoff occasionally finds familiarity in details that he should not be able to know about this place.

Location Edit

The location of the mainland in reference to the rest of the world is unknown.

About Edit

Much like other details about the world, almost nothing is known about its' current state.

People and Places Edit

As little is known about the mainland, little can be said to describe its' specific regions and figures. However, despite the relative seclusion of the island, few notable locations have been mentioned.

Crimson Coast Edit

Little is known of the Crimson Coast, other than it is infamous for constant raids by the Fireblus dragonborn clan.

History Edit

The history of the world is almost entirely unknown.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Asimoff sometimes recalls odd memories of locations outside of Erilán, likely including on the mainland.