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The Gilded Fork is located in the upper commercial district of Elinstad.

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The Gilded Fork is a place of residence catering to the well-off population of Elinstad. It is currently unknown whether it is an apartment complex or a hotel.

If you do not have an invitation, it is impossible to get beyond the reception of The Gilded Fork, due to guards on the interior stairs of the building. It is advisable to either wait in the lobby or use an alternative means of contacting the resident.

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Nick Moragon previously resided in room 26, acting as Martin's caregiver.

The receptionist of The Gilded Fork is a quiet elf who always has her head in her notes. She will generally not acknowledge anyone's presence, but she will have it noted down anyway. She also records and handles complaints from the residents.

There are also a series of guards within the building, on the stairs beyond the reception, as well as further up.

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  • They don't like it when people knock on random windows using Mage Hand.
  • The party has a forged invitation from Nick Moragon (made by Roscoe), which they have not used.