The Sentient Cabbages are a rare, exceedingly hostile race of mobile plant beings initially found near Wopsokotyn. They were led by a being known as the 'Cabbage Lord', an exceptionally large Sentient Cabbage.

Location Edit

The Sentient Cabbages were first encountered assaulting the ruins of Wopsokotyn during the Halloween session of Season 2. After an introduction to Duke Amberhusk, The Party hunted down and slew the Cabbage Lord some distance from the town.

About Edit

Sentient Cabbages are a hostile race of cabbage-like mobile plant beings. Physiologically, all specimens appear identical to an ordinary species of cabbage grown near Haven Cross with the exception of being 'exceptionally tasty'. Additionally, all are capable of some degree of magic; enough to propel themselves at walking speed - mainly to move or to injure targets.

The Cabbage Lord Edit

The Cabbage Lord is a particular variety of Sentient Cabbage capable of all of their magical abilities but to a far greater degree, preferring to manifest an illusory crown above him at all times (even when rolling should make this position impossible without it falling off). It is also notably bigger than aforementioned Sentient Cabbage minions and hosts an increase in power fitting to its' increase in size. All groups of Sentient Cabbages are led by a Cabbage Lord, and the death of the existing Lord will result in the position, with all physiological and magical benefits, being transferred to a nearby Sentient Cabbage minion over the course of a long and resource-intensive process.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The idea for Sentient Cabbages was realized by The Dungeon Master shortly after the Chinese cartoon Konosuba finished airing.
  • The Sentient Cabbages were the first complete home-brew creature that The Dungeon Master came up with.