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Momo's Inn is a small inn located along the road about a day's walk west of Haven Cross.

About Edit

Due to its location, Momo's Inn is a frequent rest stop for travellers. It has been known to host fights outside the inn, where people can bet on the outcome. Momo's Inn has an assortment of rooms upstairs as well as the option of bunks in the basement.

Menu Items Edit

The vegetable soup is a very basic soup that is told to be entirely made out of vegetables. It tastes very bland, but is

the least bland food offered at Momo's Inn.

The Strong Ox is the special offer ale of Momo's Inn. It, like most items in the menu, is very bland. Nonetheless, like the name suggests, it packs a wallop.

Bulgu's Special is a slightly more refined beer with a lesser alcohol content. It goes down smoother but will not get you drunk without some seriously bad choices.

The Red Moon is an import from Elinstad only sold by the bottle. It is a fine red wine of relatively high quality.

People Edit

The inn is owned and run by Jolly Momo.

History Edit

Momo's Inn was a frequent stopping point during season 1. It is also the place where season 1 ended. After this, Penny was left there for some time while the rest of the group went their separate ways. She was then met by a small group who were sent from Haven Cross Adventurer's Guild to track her down and find out why she and her group had not finished their job. This led to the formation of the original season 2 party.

After this, Penny suggested that we all have some cake to celebrate, but Momo's Inn does not carry cake. This was the start of the Cake Story Arc.

Momo's Inn played a vital role during the Battle of Haven Cross, acting as a staging point for refugees fleeing to Elinstad via carriage.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Momo's Inn does not stock cake and Jolly Momo thinks the idea of doing so is ridiculous.