This was originally the Wikia page for the home-brew D&D 5E campaign Erilán - Reawakened. It has since expanded to include all other campaigns which take place within the same world. By reading this wiki you are assumed to be up to date as it contains spoilers for those who are not. It is also written from the perspective of the players, which means that it may contain false or incorrect information.

Current Party Members Edit

The Dungeon Master Edit

Erilán - Reawakened Edit

  • Asimoff: A Human (?) Warlock. Played by Dark.
  • Claire: A Human Monk. Played by Dragon.
  • Dain: A Dwarf Paladin. Played by Gray.

Mheldit - Ashrisen Edit

Erilán - Reawakened Campaign Summary Edit

A campaign that was initially heavily based on the 'Haven Cross: The Adventurers Guild' home-brew adventure during Season 1, but afterwards altered significantly. After Season 1 ended the campaign, took a completely new direction - the original story is nothing more than legacy at this point.

Season 2 follows The Party as they travel the land of Elin in an attempt to uncover a great mystery involving a besieged home, a slimy businessman and the secretive organizations watching over it all.

Season 3, currently ongoing, continues to follow the interactions of The Party (now including Roscoe) with the aforementioned entities throughout the region of Elin while attempting to avoid detection, gather new allies, find information, and save the few friends and family they still have.

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