Erilán is an island located within The Platinum Shards island range and contains the region of Elin. Its' location on the world map is currently unknown. It is the namesake of the Erilán - Reawakened campaign. Little else is known about it other than that is located somewhat near a currently unnamed mainland.

It is known that, at some point in the past, it was controlled by individuals who revere, or where themselves, draconic beings. Additionally, potentially at the same point or after, the island was used as a prison island. The island was originally designed to only have one entrance, the port city of Finahem to the north. Prisoners were funneled through tunnels and left in Elin, where they would be further contained via magical means.

It is known that, due to its' relative isolation for a long period of time, it is slightly less technologically and socially developed than other locations.