Daniel was bandit involved in the Battle of Haven Cross. He had a short but notable interaction with the party before the siege itself.

Personality Edit

Daniel showed extreme loyalty to other members of the Haven Cross Bandits and especially to their cause of destroying Haven Cross.

Biography Edit

The party first saw him travelling down the road away from the camp during the attack on the bandit camp early in season 2. Asimoff, Dain and Penny hid as Cailynn and Claire had already scouted ahead.

Unfortunately, at a critical moment Penny had fell from the tree she was hiding in directly in front of Daniel. Instead of allowing Penny to be taken captive in an attempt to infiltrate the camp, Asimoff spoke out and proclaimed himself a 'master illusionist' and that everything that had transpired was a joke - with Dain's spear as a recording device.

Throughout the process, he was unswayed, attempting to attack nonetheless while repeatedly claiming that 'no one can know'. This resulted in Asimoff panicking and casting a Phantasmal Force spell upon him, summoning a crowd. Unfortanately, this only enraged Daniel further, resulting in Asimoff turning the crowd hostile and attempting to severely injure him with it.

By the time Cailyn and Claire had returned, Asimoff was contemplating on his own while Dain and Penny, who had not seen the illusion, tried to care for the unconscious bandit. Not long after this event another bandit travelled down the road and he was also captured (with Asimoff attempting and failing to pull off the same trick again).

Soon after the party had arrived at an agreement with the bandit to allow them a nights rest before they told everyone what they knew, as many had trouble trusting the Haven Cross Adventurer's Guild as much as the bandits themselves. They were honest, and claimed their goal was no more to raise Haven Cross to the ground and claim the land once again as their bandit territory between Viren and Elinstad. This aggrivated the party - Penny in particular - leading to their immediate executions. Nonetheless this meant that the bandit camp mission had been delayed by a vital day.

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Notes & Trivia Edit

  • His actions provoked Asimoff's first usage of obvious magical power, including his telepathic abilities.