The Battle of Haven Cross was an important event during Season 2, marking a notable shift in the tone of the story and a dramatic change from Season 1. It was a conflict between the Haven Cross Bandits with the hidden backing of the Viren government, and Haven Cross.

Synopsis Edit

The attack was not unexpected by Lord Nathaniel Haven, though it was sudden and unprecedented. With the assistance of The Party and presumably several other groups of adventurers from The Guild, supplies were procured from Big Marco in Viren and bandit camps were raided.

The bandits attacked without mercy, killing everyone they found who couldn't reach the safety of the town's inner walls and raising any building they could. Previous reconnaissance by The Party allowed the town to be warned of one of the opposing force's siege weapons, a battering ram, before it could be deployed. However, no one expected the second battering ram that successfully breached the outer walls, leading to many casualties. The inner-walls, though, allowed Haven Cross to nonetheless secure a defensive victory, with both sides seeing severe losses.

Much of the town and farmland was destroyed, and many citizens were killed. The Drunken Horse's Inn, for instance, was found to be filled with the corpses of many individuals who couldn't fit inside the inner walls. Harulda, the owner of said inn died in an attempt to fight off invaders. Sarah was found nearly dead within the inn, but was recovered by The Party and is currently at full health. A similar scene could be seen inside the other buildings between the inner and outer walls, such as at the temple.